Shifting Sands

DSCF7909 (3)Never underestimate sand.  Apart from the fact that it gets everywhere, including getting lodged in the creases of your face, I’ve discovered this week, that Liverpool is built on it. (Triassic sandstone, if you really want to know, with a surface layer of Shirdley Hill sand).  I was familiar with the yellow sandstone buildings you see everywhere across the city, and assumed it was local stone.  The surface geology of the area is one of rising and falling ridges, ask any cyclist about that – whichever way you go into or out of the city is up and downhill.  Unless you follow the coast. Which I did, to the shifting sands of Crosby.

This has always been, for me, another place, an alternative walk for days when I haven’t been able to get out for a “proper” walk – i.e. a full day’s walk.  So I mostly come here in the winter, when the days are short and watch the sun go down at 3 in the afternoon.

The forecast for today was rain so I had made plans round not going out but by 11am I was getting restless, the sun was shining, there was not a rain cloud in the sky and I was keen to find out if I could get the buggy into the car, which is much smaller than my old one.  So with buggy jammed into the front seat I bundled the dogs into the back of the car and headed towards Waterloo.


Crosby Marina

There is direct access to the beach and the coastal path from the car parks at Crosby Marina but I prefer to walk along the wide grass path behind the dunes to allow the dogs to have a good run and burn off some of their initial excitement.  Part of the area has been fenced off and has been reseeded.

It is possible to walk along this grassy dip all the way to coastguard centre 2 miles away, but we turn to the dunes and the coastal path.


Dune Roaming

Dune Roaming


Come on, the beach is this way

Shifting sands

Shifting sands

The sun may be shining but it’s still only April and there is a cruel wind blowing sand across the path. I wish I had bought my gloves but was grateful for the hat which I found at the bottom of my rucksack.  So with hat firmly screwed in place, I made for the beach.

Most of the people we passed were wearing coats well buttoned-up, apart from one cheeky chappie who seemed to have forgotten his trousers.



Blue Skies and white sands

Blue Skies and white sands


4 thoughts on “Shifting Sands

  1. Lovely piece, Roy, very evocative of the place, and life-enhancing photographs. 😀👍🏻Thank you. (Have you applied any post-processing to them, just out of interest? And what camera/other platform do you use?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agree, For one reason and another I haven’t visited for months. Last Weekend put that right with a very blustery and brisker than usual walk along the prom. When there isn’t time for a sustained walk – there is always time for an hour at Blundellsands.


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