Dinner with the Literati

Pockets of Chaos


None of the authors arriving for the Literati Party would begin with “It was a dark and stormy night,” but in fact it was such when the big names of literature and myth began to arrive. Ulysses, Moses and Aaron showed up in Levis, having been lost for 40 years. [Men never would ask directions!] Stephen King had a lemonade stand out front, shining shoes with his pet dog Semetary. Electra couldn’t come ’til morning, and Hercule Poirot got disoriented on the expressway—it was murder, he said. They couldn’t get Darwin out of the zoo, as he chased his beagle through the aisles. Archibald MacLeish knocked at the door, but Nobodaddy answered.

Peter Pan flew in, alas looking like a shadow of his former self. Dashiell Hammett was likewise too thin for a man and his date, Lillian Hellman, was looking a little foxy. Emily Dickinson, always dashing off…

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