Blue Noon

Born to Blog: A private introvert who prefers to hide behind the public persona created for social media.


“Let joy be unconfined. Let there be dancing in the streets, drinking in the saloons and necking in the parlor.”

My earliest heroes*, if not to say role models, much to the frustration of my school teachers, were comedians, for I would take any and every opportunity to make those around me laugh. My closest friends are the ones who make me laugh the most.  More restrained in my declining years, if I find myself hesitating, my finger hovering over the “send” button, the question I will be debating in my mind will not be “Is it funny?” but “Is it funny enough?”


The pursuit of Justice, at least Social Justice, has always been a particular concern reflecting perhaps an old-fashioned British anti-authoritarian sympathy for the underdog (cf Passport to Pimlico, Titfield Thunderbolt etc).


Do not wear black.  No honestly, if your coming to ours, do not wear black.  Nothing shows the dogs hairs up so well. For as long as I have been able to I have shared my life with Shelties and you will read something about some of their stories here, along with ruminations about what it is to love and be loved by a dog.


I’ll let you be the judge of that, heartface

*Laurel and Hardy, Groucho Marx, Will Hay, Kenneth Williams, P G Wodehouse, Alan Bennett, Flanders & Swann, Alex Dawson  – and that’s just for starters!

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