Max’s Page


This is Max.

He is a blue merle sheltie.

He was born on 29th April  2007

On 26th March 2015 he had a seizure.

This is his record.


This is what I reported on facebook –

“Max has just had what I think is a seizure. he was sitting next to me, he suddenly went tense and began shaking, he had no control of his legs, and he collapsed as he tried to get up, His front paws were shaking and he was pawing his head. His eyes looked extended and he drooled a lot. He was distressed and tried to get close to me. I kept him comfy and spoke gently to him all the while and tried to keep him still. It lasted not much more than a minute and once the shaking had stopped he clung to me and drooled a lot. Five minutes later and he’s running around as if nothing had happened.

Of course I’m taking him to the vet as soon as poss. he seems fine and safe now. It was very distressing to watch. If anyone has had experience of this and knows what to do please, please let me know. max is a seven year old sheltie.”

The next day I took him to the vets.

The vet was not unduly concerned and did not recommend any form of intervention or intrusive investigation, but suggested I monitor him and keep a record of any further seizures, noting their frequency, severity and any thing else of note.  This seems as good a place as any to do that.

Last night he had another seizure, less severe than the earlier one but worrying as it came so soon after.

Roy Noon

23 June at 22:56 ·

Max has just had another fit. less distressing than the first. He was conscious of me all the time and tried to get close to me as he could for comfort and he was wagging his tail as I was speaking to him. I was counting while I was talking and it was over in 60 seconds. He’s fine now and ran to the back door to ask to go out. He’s by my side and seems fully himself

I spoke to the vet and he did not think it necessary to investigate further but to continue monitoring and recording it.


12 May 2016 at 22:27

I have just sat with Max as he had another fit.  I note it is almost a year since his last attack.  We had been out walking at Ingleton today.  It has been a hot day, but we had plenty of water.

Max stumbled and his rear leg was raised and he could not put it down.  I settled him on the floor and sat with him.  His ears were back and he looked distressed.  He was not shaking at this stage.  I began to count.  Talking to him and checking him over.  After 30 seconds he started to shake and dribble.  He shook for 90 seconds.  After waiting a couple of minutes I stood and got something for him to eat from the table.  max stood up at the sound of the rustle of the dog treat packet.  I made him walk a bit so I could observe him.  He was walking fine.

he is sleeping now.  He doesn’t seem to have temperature.

 December 26 2016. 8:45am

We have just returned from a brief morning walk round the cricket field.  Max had been very relaxed earlier on, lying on the bed, legs in the air as any contented dog would be.  All dogs like their comfort, but Max won’t stay on the bed for long, if he is not being stroked he will soon jump down and seek his own bed.  And if I move then he will jump off and follow, but not so this morning when I got out of bed to make a coffee.  

We had been back from our walk no more than 5 minutes when he started scampering oddly as he lost coordination in his back legs.  I lay down on the floor and drew him closely to me, moving him on to his side.

His back legs jerked upwards in a distorted manner.  Then his front legs did the same.  His eyes remained open and focused and looked normal throughout.  He was not panting but clearly looked distressed.  I stroked him to calm and reassure him and started counting out loud.

In less than a minute he was back to normal.  I stayed with him on the floor for another couple of minutes before getting up.  He stood up and was able to walk normally.

Tuesday 12th September 2017
Max has been living unhindered with a heart murmur since he was a pup.  

He recently caught an infection that has put further pressure on his heart. The heart murmur has worsened and will not improve and will now have to be treated with medication.  His breathing at the moment is shallow and he struggles with a nonproductive dry hacking cough.  Both the infection and the heart murmur are being treated, and he is likely to be on heart tablets for the remainder of his life.  He is responding to the treatment and it looks like the infection is clearing.  But for the time being it is short walks only.  


9 thoughts on “Max’s Page

    • thank you. I like your choice of words – I do not like the phrase dog-owner. I don’t own my dogs, they are family. But I don’t like the idea of being a dog’s dad, as some people say. But we are a team. my dogs and me. thanks Nia for your insight

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  1. And a fantastic team you all make. I’m sorry for Max didn’t realise what you’ve both been through. Hopefully the walks will get longer in time and you can continue having many wonderful adventures together. I’ll keep my ears open and maybe I’ll hear some radical rumblings off in the distance. Love to all.

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  2. You are indeed a “beautiful team”, Roy. I didn’t know, obviously, that Max had been ill recently. I am glad, though, to hear that he is improving and I hope he will be back to being Max very soon. I’m sorry for the distress and anxiety this must have caused you though, dear friend. What was the diagnosis of the heart problem, incidentally? Love to you, and long walks again soon 😘

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