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Date Of Visit: October 7, 2017 Location: 386 State St, Portsmouth, NH Hours: open daily, 24 hours a day Cost: Free Parking: There is not a parking lot for the memorial but there is limited metered parking on State St (free before 8 a.m.) Handicapped Accessible: Yes Dog Friendly: Yes Website: African Burying Ground Memorial Park […]

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The Imam Fainted

Tried out a new (to me) recipe today, one of the variations on stuffed, baked aubergine known as The Imam Fainted.

Sliced onion, garlic, ribbons of courgette & chopped tomato all heated together on the hob in olive oil.  Add chopped mint and reduce. 

Slice aubergine lengthwise and cut 3 lines into flesh about 1 inch deep and lightly brown in pan on fleshy side, turn for a few minutes to cook skin. Remove and place in ovenproof tray, flesh side up.

Pour onion/tomato mix onto and into aubergine grooves.  Pour any remaining oil on top. Squeeze juice of one lemon over mix and bake in oven (about 200/350) for about 40 mins.

We enjoyed this with hunks of wholemeal bread.


There were many, many words spoken yesterday during the services for Yom Kippur, our Day for Atonement.  But out of the silence of a time of reflection yesterday afternoon came these words by Hugo Gryn.


I did not learn this lesson about faith in a theological college, that came much later, but in a miserable little concentration camp in German Silesia grotesquely called Lieberose, “Lovely Rose”.  It was the cold winter of 1944 and although we had nothing like calendars, my father, who was my fellow prisoner there, took me and some of our friends to a corner in our barrack.  He announced that it was the eve of Chanukah, produced a curious-shaped bowl, and began to light a wick immersed in his precious, but now melted, margarine ration.  Before he could recite the blessing, I protested at this waste of food.  He looked at me – then at the lamp – and finally said: “You and I have seen that it is possible to live up to three weeks without food.  We once lived almost three days without water; but you cannot live properly for three minutes without hope.