Soft rain 

Soft rain beats upon my windows

Hardly hammering
But by the great gusts guessed further off
Up by the bare moor and brambly headland
Heaven and earth make war

That savage toss of the pine boughs past music
And that roar of the elms…
Here come, in the candle light, soft reminder
Of poetry’s truth, while rain beats as softly here
As sleep, or shelter of farms

Album Covers #1

Over in the alternative reality that is Facebook I was nominated in one of those challenges.  You know the sort of thing.  

“Day 1… nominating my personal top 10 albums from my youth. No comments. I nominate…
And this is what I posted.

This was the first L.P. I ever bought,  or maybe had bought for me as I was still at school.  I remember the cover well.  It probably came from Geoffrey Creighton’s which was the only record shop in town – actually an electrical store which sold records, LPs and singles, in their back room.

I don’t have the L.P. anymore, nor do I have any version of the 1812 in my current collection.  It is one of those pieces of music that you grow out of and then dismiss our of hand as a folly of youth.  Only recently was I to review my opinion when it was a subject of BBC radio 3’s “Building a Library.” Even though I am less contemptuous of it than I was, it still hasn’t found its way back onto my CD shelves.  

But for a 10 year old boy this was thrilling stuff indeed.  

1812 finale