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Date Of Visit: October 7, 2017 Location: 386 State St, Portsmouth, NH Hours: open daily, 24 hours a day Cost: Free Parking: There is not a parking lot for the memorial but there is limited metered parking on State St (free before 8 a.m.) Handicapped Accessible: Yes Dog Friendly: Yes Website: African Burying Ground Memorial Park […]

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Doggy update

After a couple of worrying bouts of poor health, both Max and Heidi are doing well.  

We’ve been out and about, mostly to our favourite dog walking place along the sea front promenade at Waterloo.  We usually walk up along the wide stretch of grass behind the ever changing dunes, then walk back down in front of the dunes along the concreted promenade above the beach.

The Imam Fainted

Tried out a new (to me) recipe today, one of the variations on stuffed, baked aubergine known as The Imam Fainted.

Sliced onion, garlic, ribbons of courgette & chopped tomato all heated together on the hob in olive oil.  Add chopped mint and reduce. 

Slice aubergine lengthwise and cut 3 lines into flesh about 1 inch deep and lightly brown in pan on fleshy side, turn for a few minutes to cook skin. Remove and place in ovenproof tray, flesh side up.

Pour onion/tomato mix onto and into aubergine grooves.  Pour any remaining oil on top. Squeeze juice of one lemon over mix and bake in oven (about 200/350) for about 40 mins.

We enjoyed this with hunks of wholemeal bread.