The Imam Fainted

Tried out a new (to me) recipe today, one of the variations on stuffed, baked aubergine known as The Imam Fainted.

Sliced onion, garlic, ribbons of courgette & chopped tomato all heated together on the hob in olive oil.  Add chopped mint and reduce. 

Slice aubergine lengthwise and cut 3 lines into flesh about 1 inch deep and lightly brown in pan on fleshy side, turn for a few minutes to cook skin. Remove and place in ovenproof tray, flesh side up.

Pour onion/tomato mix onto and into aubergine grooves.  Pour any remaining oil on top. Squeeze juice of one lemon over mix and bake in oven (about 200/350) for about 40 mins.

We enjoyed this with hunks of wholemeal bread.


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