Mast & Rigging

Inside Boathouse No 4 at Portsmouth Historical Naval dockyards, you can see the restoration of boats, give yourself a lift while discovering how block and tackle works, spin yourself some rope and climb the rigging in a mock up of a small sailing ship.

We watched a father and son climb up the rigging and walk along the mast to ring the ship’s bell, all safely on dry land.




Receiving instructions, before the climb.




Climbing the rigging,  a high-five from dad, and a walk along the mast to ring the bell before being lowered to the ground.  Well done, dudes.



The luscious green before the bloom




The Wind


The wind blows happily on every thing.

The very weeds that shake beside the fold

Bowing, they dance, do any thing but sing

And all the scene is lovely to behold:

Blue mists of morning, evenings of gold.

How beautiful the wind will play with Spring:

Flowers beam with every colour light beholds,

Showers o’er the landscape fly on wet pearl wings

And winds stir up unnumbered pleasant things.



I love the luscious green before the bloom,

The leaves and grass and even beds of moss,

When leaves ‘gin bud and Spring prepares to come,

The ivy’s evergreen, the brown green gorse,

Plots of green weeds that barest road engross.

In fact I love the youth of each green thing:

The grass, the trees, the bushes and the moss

That pleases little birds and makes them sing.

I love the green before the blooms of Spring.



John Clare

This Happy Spirit

Selected & edited by R. K. R. Thornton & Carry Akroyd