Role model

Today I met one of my blogging heroes.

When I began creating my blog at the prompting of friends, I had no idea what it would be like nor what I would say.

One day seeking escape from a dull weekend and without transport, I just picked up my camera and went for a walk, taking pictures of what I saw in my local area.  I selected the best shots, linked them with a few sentences and posted it into my blog.  I was quite pleased with the result.

I then discovered that was just the sort of thing Ronnie Hughes does, only much better, in his blog A Sense of Place

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Ronnie in the café at Friends Meeting House, Liverpool.  Ronnie had tweeted about the City Of Sanctuary Day event happening this Saturday at Friends Meeting House and that he would be there.  I have friends in Yorkshire who are heavily involved in working with refugees and asylum seekers in Huddersfield and I was interested to find out what is happening in my home town.  The Liverpool Friends run a pretty good café so with the prospect of finding out more about refugee and asylum services in Liverpool, of having a pretty good breakfast, and of meeting one of my social media heroes, I set off in the rain to wait for a No17 bus into town.


Ronnie Hughes at work on his blog


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