The Referendum no-one wanted


Is this David Cameron’s most divisive and damaging act as PM?

Holding a referendum on the EU is one of the few manifesto promises he has kept mostly because of the demands of a vocal minority of politically and financially powerful individuals and non-domiciled newspaper owners, the concerns of losing votes to the group of dissatisfied & disgraced former Tories that make up UKIP and the smug belief in his own superiority.

Whatever concerns people may have had about our role in the EU, membership of it was not a burning issue with the general public, at least not until the Daily Express told us it was with it’s medieval  crusade of fear-mongering.

The in-fighting within the Conservative party been described as a Tory civil war.  The country seems to be almost equally divided in it’s view on whether to stay or go.  The campaigning groups have removed any nuanced political reasoning and the debates have been reduced to a cynical, knowing manipulation of truths, half-truths and damn lies.  The self-interested press have cynically evoked unfounded medieval fears in their distorted artificial “stories.”  The lead-up to the referendum has bought out the very worst in people, dividing friends and families.

The exit campaign has catered to the very worse in human nature – fear, bigotry, hatred and the “Remainers” have responded in kind – threatening all sorts of apocalyptic outcomes.  Thee most frequent comment I overhear from the street is that people want out because the country is full of Poles.  As if that is somehow a bad thing.

So what will be the outcome?

Whatever the result of the vote the fallout will be massive.  The anger, passion and vitriol with which people have commented on social media and in public about this issue means that the resentment will not easily go away.  Even more so if the voting is as equally split as a recent poll suggests.  If the result of the vote is to remain, can you really imagine that UKIP and its backers are going to accept that decision with good grace?





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