Heidi’s Birthday Bash – part 1

My 3-legged Sheltie is 9 years old today.


The celebrations began with a treat and a walk.



Or rather half-a-walk as she insisted on being carried after about 30 minutes.



Sleepy Girl

I can usually tell when she has had enough – she sits down and refuses to move.



4 thoughts on “Heidi’s Birthday Bash – part 1

  1. Happy Happy Belated birthday sweetheart!! I am behind on my blog reading….you are such a special girl!!!!!!!!! Dakota turned 9 in February…..what a wonderful age! Oh and when he has had enough of walking he sits down and refuses to move too and he has 4 legs! You do better than he does! xoxo DakotasDen

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    • there was meant to be a part 2 as my nephew was bringing his new puppy to meet Heidi and Max but I got so excited I forgot to take any photos. And Heidi was less than impressed. (The boy has a birthday too on Friday when he also will be 9)


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