Seen and not seen

The birds were very vocal this morning so I took my camera with me as I walked the dogs.  Clipping on their leads in the garden I could hear the call of the collared dove – they are the ones with a black bar around their necks and a tri-syllabic call, with emphasis on the second beat.  I learnt to identify it as a football chant – “U-nit-ed, U-nit-ed”  The call could be plainly heard from the bare tree tops but none were in view.


Neither were the house sparrows but there were plenty of them chirruping away behind these hedges.

The fields today were empty. apart from other dog walkers and cyclists.  Yesterday I caught the call of a pair of grasshopper warblers – so named because, yes you guessed, their songs sounds like the noise grasshoppers make.  Again they were heard but not seen.  I did disturb them last summer and saw them fly swiftly away, but took quick to take a photo of them.

Wood Pigeons made their presence felt with their audible flop-flop flapping of their wings as they beat their way across the sky and by their rhythmic call of “take-two-cows-Taffy”  The emphasis on the second beat.



After dropping the dogs back home I wandered down to the Green in the hope of seeing a few Jackdaws – you can always rely on them in making an appearance, but again they were neither to be heard nor seen, so back home once more.  As I entered the gate I heard the song of a starling from the rooftops.


And one solitary, silent Jackdaw.



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