O Crummock, My Crummock

The weekend storms had subsided; Storm Abigail had done her worst with floods and debris blocking roads and the straggled remnants of Hurricane Kate threatening a further ten days of wind and rain, it was a relief to wake to this view . . .



. . . and a positive forecast of a fine day, indeed it was possibly going to be the only dry day of the week.  So with that in mind I was determined to take a walk that took in one of my favourite views.

DSCF1474 (2)

The waters flow from the surrounding hills and mountains into this glacial lake and flowing out of this lake is the river Cocker.  You can see how swollen it is from these shots.

From the car park there is a single rough track through the trees to the head of the lake.  A number of paths break off giving you the opportunity to potter and explore, but the track to the lake is obvious.  No chance of getting lost here.


The storm had been blowy and it was late in November but enough of the leaves remained to show off their autumn colours.

The path climbs up slightly away from the river, but only slightly.  As we returned to the swollen waters it was clear where the river had burst its banks, to get to the weir and walk along the southern shore of the lake you would have needed waders, but luckily the walk I had chosen didn’t take us that way.

DSCF1461DSCF1464DSCF1465DSCF1466 (2)

The devastation of the storms were apparent all around . . .


. . .  and this had been a path . . .

DSCF1483 (2)

Heading back along the path from the lake for a few yards then turn right to walk above the lake and down to the boathouse taking in more cheery views.

DSCF1516 (2)DSCF1519(2)DSCF1527DSCF1526DSCF1530DSCF1534






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