Trespass on Latrigg

This is something I posted on facebook a year ago today and thought it worth repeating here.

DSCF6200 (3)

I have long known of the Mass Trespass on Kinder Scout of 1932 and it’s significance, leading to the creation of the Ramblers Association, but today I have learnt of another, earlier date that should be celebrated – October 1887. When the “owner” of Latrigg blocked off the traditional route up the fell the newly formed “Keswick Commons & Footpaths Preservation Society” took action.

A mass protest was organised to walk up Latrigg, remove the obstructions and regain the right to roam. Two thousand members of the public arrived for this mass protest. Henry Jenkinson, Secretary of the forementioned Society roused the “rabble”, which included Canon Rawnsley, with these words:

“Today, you are showing the world a spirit which will kindle such a fire as will light up all the British Isles! If we have no right of access to the summit of Latrigg, then we have no right to ascend other similar mountains in Great Britain.”

As they ascended the rabble began to sing “Rule Britannia” and at the summit sang the National Anthem.

One battle amongst many in the fight for the right to roam.

Remember this, where e’er you walk this weekend.


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