Walking the Wirral Way

For a change, we headed over the water, or to be precise, under the water, through the Wallasey tunnel, in search of the Wirral Country Park at Thurstaston.  The Park is situated along the Wirral Way, a former Railway line that followed the River Dee up the coast to Birkenhead.  The line closed in the 60s and converted into a walk and parkland between 1969 and 1973.  There is parking at the visitor centre at the site of the former station at Thurstaston but it was quite crowded when we arrived about 11 am. on Friday.  Before we headed off southwards down the line I had a potter about exploring the cliff top walk.


Everyone remember where we parked

The view looking northwards

DSCF0112 (2)

The Cliff top walk.


The beach below

DSCF0094 (2)

Across the River Dee and the Welsh coast.


We explored along the cliff top with the buggy but the path soon deteriorated into a narrow uneven track and so we returned to our bench and took one of the gravelled paths around the park and made our way to the old railway track.






The main disadvantage of converted railway walks tends to be an endless track with limited views either side – which was only partly the case here, with many glimpses across the fields or towards the coast, though I cannot imagine that many people stop here to admire the view.


A bench with a view


To the Dungeons









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