Inspecting Liverpool, July 2015

Liverpool City Centre – it’s amazing how much it has been transformed . if you aren’t already, then you should be following Ronnie and Sarah’s blog

A Sense of Place

Inspecting Liverpool - 87I’ve done this before on here, walking round the North and the South of the city taking photographs to roughly see how it’s doing on an ‘ordinary’ day. Meaning not some great holiday or special events day, but one where the streets and the people are just going about their business much like they always do. My favourite kind of day.

In fact I’ve been doing this ‘inspecting’ for years, since long before this blog. Reasoning partly that someone’s got to and it might as well be me, and also simply out of love for the place where I live. This particular week I’d been mostly working in London and so felt a particular urge to see how Liverpool was doing once I returned.

Off the bus in Catharine Street. Off the bus in Catharine Street.

By St Philip Neri. By St Philip Neri.

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