Living Vicariously As A Peripatetic Shutterbug

On 25 April this year a major earthquake, known as the Gorkha earthquake and measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, hit Nepal, west of its capital Kathmandu. 450 000 people were displaced, over 8000 people lost their lives and many historic sites were badly damaged or destroyed completely. There were extensive landslides throughout the Himalayas, with several villages cut off from help, or wiped out completely.

And there were aftershocks – at least 80 recorded in the week after the ‘quake – which left the nation jumpy, and people sleeping outside. Just as Nepal was starting to return to “normal” and was getting down to rebuilding, a second major quake, with a 7.3 magnitude, hit east of Kathmandu.

That’s why I’m here – if you were wondering – to work with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), which is coordinating relief flights into hard-to-reach areas. Last night at around 10pm, as I was getting ready for bed an aftershock hit Kathmandu…

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