Not too clever at being smart

Set Three Goals

Specific. Measurable. Acceptable. Realistic. Timed.  Many of my readers will be familiar with the SMART acronym in one form or another, it is one I have been working with for the past couple of decades since I first came across it when I first entered the voluntary sector and started studying person centred counselling techniques.  And it still works. Except I’m not particularly good at applying it myself and too often enthusiastically start things with no clear end in sight, or too ambitious an expectation.

Take this blog, for a start.  The name of the blog derides from my Twitter name, which manages to describe what I tweet about as much as it describes me.  The blog, which was to be an extension of my outbursts on Twitter, would allow me to rant at length about radical politics, social injustice with some detailed postings on a separate page, about sme of the walks I had done.  (To me, that act of walking, especially along public footpaths remains, as it once was, a radical act of defiance against privately owned land – I still haven’t got over the loss of the commons and The Enclosures Acts).  The blog would allow me to give voice to some of the anger I feel at the social injustices I witness everyday. Hence, the rumblings.

That was what all this was supposed to be about, but yet I find the blog has meandered into this ramdom miscellany of happenings, poems and photos, and musings both musical and literary. Not very radical and the rumbling barely registers.

But back to the SMART goal setting exercise.

One unexpected outcome of participating in Blogging101 was getting to meet and know other bloggers – prior to then Blogging had been an almost solitary experience. So one of my goals will have to be related to my experiences within the community of bloggers. So, here goes, and thanks for the suggestions Krista:-

  1. Spend one hour a week reading and commenting on blogs I follow.
  2. Spend one hour a week reading and commenting on my followers blogs
  3. Publish one additional featured blog every week until the end of the year.

3 thoughts on “Not too clever at being smart

  1. Sounds great! I hope you do continue the radical political discourse also we need to hear radical voices! Poetry and prose and pictures work really well on blogs and you can still save the world or try to turn it round anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

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