Fit for dogs

I have added a new page to my blog.

It is to be a record of the health and wellbeing of my beloved Max


Max is a lively 8 year old sheltie and has been part of the family since he was a little over a year old.  He was born only 5 days after my other dog – Hoppalong Heidi, and they are well matched.  Protective when out he is a passive victim to Little Miss Hoppy’s bullyings as she chases him round the house, hanging on to his tail and pulling out clumps of his fur.  Their love for one another is evident in the diligence with which she licks and grooms him, but only after a bout of mouth wrestling.  Other dog owners will know all about that.


Earlier this year Max was sitting by my side when he suddenly began convulsing.  He was struggling to get up, his eyes seemed to be struggling to focus and he was panting and drooling a lot.  He never lost conscious and it was all over in less than a minute.  He seemed to recover from it relatively quickly.  I had a friend who used to have severe epileptic fits and this seemed familiar so I just responded in the same way as I did when my friend was fitting.  I kept him quiet, spoke gently throughout, counted the seconds to test the severity and observed the recovery.

Max and Heidi at play

Max and Heidi at play

A check up at the vets the next day set my mind at rest.  They did not want to take any further investigation but asked me to monitor Max’s health and if the fits increased in length, intensity or frequency then return and they will probe further.  That was in March this year.

2013 1069 (2)

Two nights ago he had another fit.

Once again, I did all I needed to do to comfort and monitor him.  He seemed more aware of what was happening and wanted to get close to me.  He stood on me (I was lying on the floor beside him) and was wagging his tail but still  drooling as he was fitting.  I counted the seconds.  Still less than a minute.  Which is good.  More than that and he is to go to the vets the next day.  Much more than that and its straight to the emergency vets.

Max & friend

Max & friend

I have decided to create a page here for Max to help me monitor the frequency and severity of his fits.  They are bound to recur, it’s just a case of keeping an eye on him and keeping an accurate record.  So while Max’s condition remains low key and manageable I shall continue to keep an eye on him and avoid any unnecessary medication or distressing veterinarian hospitalisation.  In the meantime –  let’s play “fetch”

DSCF7603 (2)

DSCF7605 (2)


7 thoughts on “Fit for dogs

    • Thank you for sharing your love. I have lived with dogs most of y adult life and I am constantly amazed at how much regard and devotion they show to their human companions. I often wonder who has domesticated who? Thank you for your kind words.


      • I love dogs too, but all my life has been with cats 🙂 And never get a chance to have them both 🙂 always cats were problem with dogs… Once I had because of my son (he loves dogs) and that day when a dog came home, it was a great war!!!!! we gave the dog back with tears… because of our dominant cat , pardon, our boss cat. 🙂 You are welcome, love, nia


      • I’ve had both. A small ginger tom who was a big softy and loved cuddling up to the dogs who were absolutely terrified of him and would get up and sit as far away as possible. The cat would stalk us playfully when we took the dogs for a walk.

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    • Humans seem to be able to find a connection with all sorts of other species but it seems that it is only the dog that chooses to make that connection with humans. It is something special and I feel privileged to be so regarded by my canine companions

      Liked by 1 person

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