A whole new world opens up before me

Say hello to my friend Ann, everyone. An accomplished photographer with a great eye for a shot, Ann has started the blogging101 and photo101 course today. I’m really looking forward to reading her daily posts. I think you will too. Ann has had a few walk on parts in a few of my own blog posts – you may recognise her hands from “Four avocados, three limes and a bunch of coriander”.

A Simple Life Freely Chosen

DSC_5568My name is Ann and I am new to blogging. I want to learn how to blog successfully so that it will help in the various things I do in life. I am often documenting events and am keen to use photography and words to convey an event succinctly.

I am a Quaker living in Yorkshire, England, interested in peace and non violence and how to live in the world in a more friendly and kind way.

I am newly retired and have been learning to play the melodeon. I have reconnected with myself as a creative dancer and have also joined a Morris dancing side (traditional English dance). I work with the City of Sanctuary movement to create a welcome for asylum seekers in our town. Through that I have got to know many interesting people from all over the world who now live here in Huddersfield.

I hopeā€¦

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