Four avocados, three limes and a bunch of coriander

A few weeks back my blogger friend Mark Bialczak wrote about a trip he and his wife, Karen, took to a Mexican Grill in de Witt, and it reminded me of the few occasions when I had sampled Mexican food, the last time being a celebration of my birthday a few months back, when we all contributed dishes to make an international meal.  Nothing speaks to me of friendship more than the sharing of food – it is not for nothing that significant symbolic religious and cultural occasions from the simple to the elaborate centre around the meal table.  So yesterday with four avocados, three limes and a bottle of wine I headed east to Yorkshire for further celebrations.  The birthday girl this time was Agnes, who reached 89 earlier this week.

Agnes and Pete

Agnes and Pete

I will write later (probably, but no promises) about how I first got involved with this lovely family, all you need to know for now is that we go way back and I have known Agnes and her two boys Robin and Peter so well that we are practically family.  The day started with a trip to a local farm shop for a bitter coffee – rather too bitter as we had to return the unfiltered coffee and ask for a fresh one as the ground coffee floated to the surface of our cups.



Warm enough to sit out on the verandah

After morning coffee, Pete and I headed into town for some supplies for the meal Pete had promised to make for us.  As we had two hours free parking to use up we had a wander around Huddersfield’s Victorian open air market – where I regretted not having my camera with me – took in a 2nd-hand bookshop, a quiet monologue with a shy shopkeeper at the local health store and a visit to Boots to get a couple of photos printed and framed.

The view from the farm shop

The view from the farm shop

Pete has been living in New Mexico, and elsewhere, in the States for some time and it’s always great to meet up with him when he is over here.  I handed over the avocados, lime and coriander and let Pete get to work on creating his amazing guacamole.  Robin and Ann prepared the salad,  I provided the wine and Pete served up a colourful display of food from the New World.

Black Beans, Guacamole, salsa, roast pepper, mushrooms and Quesadilla

Black Beans, Guacamole, salsa, roast pepper and Quesadilla

DSCF8834 (2)


Afterwards the founding members of the Armitage Bridge Literary Fellowship, finding themselves to be fully replete, retired to the lounge to play some very silly word games.


5 thoughts on “Four avocados, three limes and a bunch of coriander

  1. Now this is a day well spent, Roy. Friendship, food and the grape. Happy birthday, Agnes! You have surrounded yourself with smart and resourceful sons and friends. That’s a sign of a life lived well. Many happy returns.

    Roy, I feel like I was there to taste Pete’s Southwestern fare. Looks fantastic. And thank you as well for the photos of the coffe cafe and in-town market. What a location, indeed. Finally, the link to my blog is always appreciated. Have a great week in Liverpool, my friend.

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