Every once in a while you read something that, no matter how hard you try to stop it, makes the back of your eyes prickle with tears. Reading Mark’s blog was one of those occasions, as was the time when I first came across Brian’s cycling venture in Jim’s blog – you can access them by following the links in Mark’s blog. Do click on the links and find out what it’s all about, especially http://www.bicyclearoundamerica.com/charities.html

Mark Bialczak

Brian D’Apice stayed at my good friend Jim McKeever’s house through the Memorial Day Weekend.

Anybody who’s read Jim’s passionate Irish Investigations blog know how he’s one to advance the good cause any way possible.

And the work of D’Apice, this project he’s calling Bicycle Around America is a great cause.

Now that's a logo. Now that’s a logo.

D’Apice’s pedal pushing began May 4 in New York City, will wind through Seattle, and will end next spring back in New York City. The journey is designed to raise money and awareness for two charities, Pencils of Promise and Connecting Families, both set up to help the poor of third world nations.

D’Apice related to people needing this aid while serving in the U.S. Army, in Iraq and Indonesia. He talked of these trips to a class this week at Jamesville-DeWitt High School just outside of Syracuse. I wrote about his presentation for my…

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