Golf:The people’s sport

I am prompted to write this because of a post from my blogging friend Mark Bialczak

Alistair Cooke, reporter for the Manchester Guardian, settled in America and wrote and recorded a regular weekly column for BBC radio under the title of “Letter from America”.  His distinctive voice and delivery added to the flavour of a Sunday morning in Britain and was a significant feature of my Sunday mornings.  I learnt a lot about American politics and culture from listening to Alistair Cooke, who managed to be witty and fascinating even when talking about things that would not have been of the slightest interest to me, but for him.

Mark Twain described the game of golf as a good walk spoiled.  I happen to agree with his assessment.  Alistair Cooke was a keen golfer and he would slip it into his Sunday morning talks.  One of my favourite talks of his is about his teaching golf to the Russians.  I haven’t been able to track down the recording of this which I think he made in the 70s. but here is one that makes reference to it.

Enjoy.  This one’s for you, Mark

Golf in Russia


7 thoughts on “Golf:The people’s sport

  1. Thank you so much, Roy! Golf’s history is so rich between our two countries, then and now. I grew up watching Jack Nicklaus play great golf both here and in the varous courses in your British Open rota. I adored the segments on ABC when they borrowed the more somber-toned Brit announcers for half-hour chunks to get the perspective from that side of this ocean between us.

    Alistair Cooke, then, was no strange name to me now. Unfortunately, the chasm between your empire and my democracy seems to be so large that my Internet won’t open that link you provided. Dang it all.

    It’s unfortunate that you side with the thought made famous by Mr. Twain, but not unforgiveable. The allure of golf is mysterious even to those of us in its embrace. And after all, spelled backward, it is flog. Have a great evening, my friend.

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