‘Community Led’ – What it looks like

Fantastic work going on in my own community. And another passionate blog from Ronnie Hughes.

A Sense of Place

15.05 Homebaked - 1This post is by way of being a visual accompaniment to the words-only ‘Community Led’ post of the other day. In that post I talked about my views and experience of how community led change gets done and the demands it makes on all of us involved. Today I want to show you what it actually looks like when done well. Staggeringly well here at Homebaked in Anfield.

As well as being deeply and joyfully engaged with what we’re all doing at the Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust, I’ve also been invited in by the community around Homebaked to contribute to getting their own Community Land Trust into serious movement. Homebaked have been open a good while now as a social enterprise community bakery, and now their next phase of development is to begin their CLT work on the land around them. Turning a soon to be…

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