A View from the Top

108 steps later. . . .

DSCF7837 (2)

Blue Remembered Hills

Sunny days aren’t always the best days for long-distanced views because of the haze, but looking across the river Mersey towards Birkenhead and the Wirral you can make out the blue ridged Mountains of Wales.

The view down Park Road

The view down Park Road

Looking Southwards towards the Mersey, the “circle” of buildings front right is the Cathedral Campus.  Unseen today on the horizon I was reliably informed is Moel Famau.

Princes Road

Princes Road

The four domed building is The Greek Orthodox Church of St Nicholas, built between 1865-70, while further down is the Princes Road Synagogue,  Beyond the view disappears towards Aigburth, Allerton, Speke and the Runcorn-Widnes Bridge – but you’ll just have to take my word for that.

Cambier Terrace

Cambier Terrace

The Metropolitan (Catholic) Cathedral

The Metropolitan (Catholic) Cathedral

At the other end of Hope Street lies the Roman Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral, designed by Frederick Gibberd and built in 1962-7, and known by some, affectionately, as Paddy’s Wigwam.  To the left and beyond are the other two religious shrines of Anfield and Goodison.

St John's Beacon

St John’s Beacon

On the right is St George’s Hall (for more read here)  We are looking north towards Waterloo, the mouth of the Mersey and Another Place 

The Liver Building

The Liver Building

Liverpool Skyline framed

Liverpool Skyline framed

DSCF7828 (3)

Liverpoolin all her glory


6 thoughts on “A View from the Top

  1. I love it all, every frame, Roy. My favorite, though, as Earth Day runs down here in Syraxuse, N.Y., is the photo with the turbines harnessin the wind power. And hooray for Liverpool. Did you know the biggest suburb of Syracuse is named Liverpool, N.Y.? And when I was music critic for the big daily, I got to write about Pete Best playing a show in Liverpool. Ours, not yours. Fancy that.

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