if not now, when?

andy townend


Today, I overheard two statements that made me think.


And worry, more than a little.

Of course, that’s what I do.  I worry.

The first was something along the lines “he admitted he was morally guilty…” but “denied he had committed any crime”.

The second, in an interview discussing the looming British election “the idea of voting with your heart and hoping for some change…”

Two overhead snatches of discussion, though seemingly unrelated, seemed suddenly, and terribly, connected.

The power, responsibility and role of the individual in the great sweep of history and world events. When most people are simply worried about making ends meet and what they may, or may not, watch on TV tonight.

The feelings of helplessness that so many feel when considering where to place their cross on the ballot paper.

Will it make any difference? Does anyone care? Why bother?

Well, of course…

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