To the Tower we will go

The Cathedral church of Christ in Liverpool is the fifth largest in the world and also, at 189 metres in length, the longest.  The tower rises to a height of 101 metres. The Cathedral is situated on top of St James’ Mount, some 15 minutes walk out of the city centre.  I have visited the Cathedral many times but never before climbed to the top of the tower, so I made a promise to myself that I would do so on the next suitable day.  My sister, was visiting with my sister and one of her grandsons and as the forecast was fair I decided it would be a great time to “do the tower”.  To get to the top you have to take two separate lifts, with a few steps between them, and end with a further 108 steps to the top,  For some reason Dad chose to sit this one out in the cathedral café.

The Welcoming Christ

The Welcoming Christ

Greeting the visitor above the West Door is a statue of “The Welcoming Christ” by Elisabeth Frink.  My great-nephew, anxious to use his camera, said he must take a picture “of that dude”.

Little dude

Little dude



Once inside, and after settling my Dad at the café, the rest of us made our way to the tower and began climbing our way along narrow corridors and past leaded windows giving the briefest of glimpses of what lay outside.  We crowded into the first lift (maximum 6 people – but it was a tight fit with four of us).  Along more steps and winding corridors and past the great peal of bells.  31 tons of bells and 66.75 metres above floor level these are the highest and heaviest peal in the world.  “Great George”, the bourdon bell, is 14 1/2 tons and is second only in size to “Great Paul” at St Paul’s in London.


DSCF7800 (2)

DSCF7801 (2)

DSCF7806 (2)



What we saw when we emerged into the light I shall leave to my next posting.


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