I’ve been spending the weekend in Yorkshire with friends Robin and Ann.  I’ve been coming here since Robin first moved here in ’88 and in all this time I had never been to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, a 500-acre open air gallery near Wakefield less than 20 miles away.  This was rectified on Saturday when we loaded into the campervan, dogs and all, and headed towards the open-air gallery at Bretton Hall.

Art - as far as the eye can see

Art – as far as the eye can see

The grounds of the Yorkshire Sculpture park expand all the way across the lake to the horizon.  It had rained in the morning but the forecast was fine for a few hours so we took advantage of the break in the weather, but even so, and going at the pace of a three-legged sheltie, we only managed to view a small corner of the installations.

the deer shelter

the deer shelter

DSCF7482 (2)




How Do

How Do




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