I had an ancient 35mm camera that had long been held together by rubber bands. I hadn’t used it for ages. It was no longer fit for purpose and consigned to one of those drawers we all have filled with stuff we no longer need or use but we can’t quite bring ourselves to throw any of it away.  I was no longer in the habit of taking photographs and when I did I would buy a disposable one.
November 5th was approaching.  My young pup was terrified of fireworks, as I discovered when Paul McCartney gave a concert at a local stadium and ended it with a display of pyrotechnics.  I have never seen a dog so distraught as she raced around the house, running into doors in an attempt to escape from the terrifying noise.  I knew we have to get away and to somewhere relatively remote, or firework free at least.  A week in some secluded spot in the country is called for. I found somewhere ideal in the Lake District that promised to be relatively firework free, and so it proved.

ah, but if I’m going to the Lakes I will need a good camera; time to embrace the digital world and see what’s out there.  It was an impulsive last minute purchase, bought the day before the holiday, and I have never looked back.  Some of those first shots I took with my camera are amongst my favourite photos.  There are also some that should never see the light of day,  Time to to rectify that.

The camera came with the usual booklet of instructions, most of which I still don’t understand.  Time to take my first shots.  It seemed simple enough – just point, focus and click.  Well that seemed to work – most of the time.

Came the day when I thought I’d take a trip on the ferry across to the far side of the lake.  Sitting there, enjoying the view, better get the camera out.  Funny how you don’t notice what must have been glaringly obvious at the time…

CNV00096 (2)

I didn’t know the boat was turning at the time – it all looked perfectly level to me.

CNV00097 (2)

The island is in danger of slipping off all together.  (I wasn’t drunk. Honest).  Just that no-one had told me about the grid.

CNV00096 (3)

restored in the edit

And finally the obligatory Black-and-White shot from the same trip – The Jaws of Borrowdale

CNV00092 (2)



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