Storing up treasure

Closing in on my treasure. I have been presented with two blogging challenges (well, three actually, if you include the one I set myself; more of that later). I shall deal with them in reverse order, chronologically speaking that is.

First, this morning’s photoblog challenge from Michelle: to photograph something I treasure and to capture it in close-up, either by zooming in or by getting in real close.

Rose Red
Rose Red
Blue Max
Blue Max
Hoppalong Heidi
Hoppalong Heidi

There you have them – my treasures, in close-up and in Monochrome, which I hope fulfils part of the next challenge.

The second challenge comes from one of the bloggers I met started to follow through the daily assignments – my new photo101 friend, Mark, who has challenged me to the 5-post B&W challenge, which I blithely accepted without having the faintest idea what it is; either a reflection on my recklessness or an indication of the level of trust I place in my new found friend!

You can see Mark’s posting here

The third challenge is the one I have set myself, and that is, to persuade my most erudite, intelligent, witty and delightful friend Gail to start her own blog.  She says she has nothing to say. I refute that, and even if it were true, then never would saying nothing be so well expressed.

I am now going to take a leaf out of Mark’s blog (well imitation they say is the sincerest form of flattery) and open this up to you by leaving you with this question.  How would you encourage someone you knew to start writing a blog?

15 thoughts on “Storing up treasure”

      1. yeah, same here. I really like that part. Also hoping to interest others in my passions too (freedom, travel, photography, sailing, reading, music, food, etc_. 😉


    1. I’ve never met a sheltie that wasn’t! Alas, Rosie is no longer with us, at the age of 14 she developed kidney failure and left us to join her friends Simcha and Patch. She was a grand lady who had so much love for everyone – she was not one of those shelties who holds back, you should have seen her work a room.


  1. What gorgeous dogs!

    My grandmother had a beautiful sheltie named ‘Babs.’ I loved the dog, and as a six year old I confused her with ‘Lassie.’

    Dogs truly own us, don’t they? Thank you for sharing these gorgeous creatures with us. Such beautiful eyes and faces.

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    1. Thanks Kate. As I child it was watching “Lassie” on the TV that made me want a dog. Years later, when I was able to have a dog of my own but not able to have a large dog like a rough collie, a friend told me about Shelties. I fell in love with them straight away. I am constantly amazed by the ways in which dogs choose to bond with us humans.

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