Colour bursts

Amongst the monochrome city there are bursts of vibrant colour.  These were taken around the famous Bull Ring Market in Birmingham and inside the 18th Century Cathedral.












DSCF7431 (2)




DSCF7428 (2)

DSCF7437 (2)









5 thoughts on “Colour bursts

  1. Love your shots, again, RR.

    Two things: Can you tell me your first name? And, I have tagged you in the 5-Post B&W Challenge. Simple, really, with interpretations loose enough for individuality. I’m using at least one black-and-white shot in five posts in a row, and tagging another blogger at the end of each. Accept and link to me if you wish. Thanks, my new friend. — Mark

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    • Thanks Mark. I’m now chuckling to myself ‘cos I read your latest blog, commented on it and totally failed to notice that you had mentioned me in it! I think I was focussing more on the photos than the text..
      Ok, I accept. Now, I’m not that technically adept and all this is new to me, so what do I do next, and how do I link to you, friend? – Roy


      • Great news, Roy! I’m glad you’ll be part of this challenge. It’s a chance for everybody involved to get acquainted with your great blog. All you have to do to link to my blog is copy the URL from the post of which you speak, the one where I tagged you, and paste it into your posts that you publish in response to the challenge. Have fun with your black-and-white selections. I’ve found it to be a great editing experience.

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