Monochrome architecture

A recent trip to Shrewsbury with its many black and white timbered buildings inspired me to explore the place in simple tones so this is a great opportunity to share some of the images from that day.

DSCF7251 (4)

The best way to travel to anywhere is by train.
DSCF7271 (3)

Into the busy city and its narrow streets of black and white timber buildings.  How authentically tudor these are, I know not.

But of course, authentic black and white timber framed tudor buildings weren’t actually black and white…


DSCF7273 (2)

But you got to attract the tourists and if they want black and white faux tudor… that’s what they are going to get.

DSCF7256 (2)

Not to mention Charles Darwin and a fantastic library.

DSCF7265 (2) DSCF7262 (2)

and a brilliant indoor market!

DSCF7272 (2)and a final splash of colour


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