Golden Hour

A golden sunset, March 2013 - Arnside

A golden sunset, March 2013 – Arnside

Today’s task is to explore using light to create effects.  The golden hour, Cheri informs us, is the time just after sunrise and just before sunset.  During the winter months I’m walking the dogs before sunrise and, as anyone who knows me can testify, not at my best first thing in the morning.  I have taken my camera with me on a few early morning walks and may share some of the results but they are mot very successful.  Just as dawn broke one autumn day I walked through a deer park and heard the stags barking on the horizon, and that was a glorious sound.  I took a few shots but I must have been too bleary-eyed to focus, so you won’t be seeing them here.

Living on the west coast and enjoying afternoon walks in winter along the Sefton coast always guarantees some stupendous sunsets.  Further north the beautiful village of Arnside rests on the Kent estuary and if you can find a spot amongst the throng of photographers you’re bound to get some lovely shots.  This was taken on a Sunday evening on the last day of an autumn holiday in the region.  I had been out to Arnside several times already that week but the weather had not been kind. until that final day, adding an appropriate melancholic twist to the day.


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