Grasmoor – as seen from Loweswater.  My favourite Mountain.  Not big, as mountains go, but from this angle it looks every bit like the image of a mountain we would draw with crayon in our school books.

“The culminating point of the North Western Fells occurs overlooking Crummock Water, where the massive bulk of Grasmoor towers above the threshold of the Buttermere valley, showing its full height to great advantage from the shores of the lake. As nature has arranged matters this particular aspect of the fell, facing west, is also the finest: a steep pyramid of rocky ribs and broken crags suspended far above the road along its base, the road that carries travellers to Buttermere – and few go this way who do not look upwards rather fearfully to the cliffs poised overhead, seeming to threaten safe passage.”

A. Wainwright

A pictorial guide to the Lakeland Fells – Book Six: The North Western Fells


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