Living Vicariously As A Peripatetic Shutterbug

Someone asked me recently what type of photography I enjoy the most. Of course, it’s shooting people (as I’m SURE I’ve mentioned before). I know many new photographers say they find street photography terrifying – walking up to someone and asking if they can photograph him or her. I love it. I love connecting and communicating with people on the streets, finding out something about them. I find that, mostly, people feel special that one has noticed them and taken the time to chat and photograph them.

A few weeks back we took a 2 hour trip across town to some friends. One part of the journey (for the 17km distance was quite a journey, requiring snacks to be purchased mid-way) was particularly slow, so I got out of the car and walked along chatting to and shooting people, while my fellow travellers crawled along in the car.

People here in Antananarivo

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