Thomas J & St George

A Sunday Walk continued … and featuring two Liverpool icons

Retracing my steps from where I ended my last post I just want to add a couple of shots that didn’t make it.

Collegiate House,  Shaw Street

Collegiate House, Shaw Street

City Bikes

City Bikes

A new feature to Liverpool introduced last year – Bikes for hire at £3.00 per day.  I’m not sure under what circumstances one would want to hire one, considering a dayrider bus ticket is only £3.80

In 1925 Thomas J Hughes set up his shop in London Road, Liverpool.  The name T J’s is synonymous with Liverpool.  The iconic Liverpool store survived administration and, though not quite what it once was, is worth a visit.

DSCF7175 (2)

T J Hughes

T J Hughes

Continuing down London Road I would normally make a slight detour into Henry Bohns but it is early Sunday morning and Michael hasn’t opened up shop yet so I’ll save that for another day and another blog, as I will the amazing buildings to the right of you at the end of London Road, for I’m heading for the building opposite on Lime Street …


St George’s Hall

Built in the early 1800s and built to impress.  The first thing you would see as you came out of Lime Street Station would be this proud statement of the City’s wealth, prestige and culture.  St George’s Hall was built to stage musical concerts and to house the civil and crown courts.

DSCF7181                                                                      DSCF7182

DSCF7189 (2)

But for all its showy exterior, the real beauty of St George’s Hall lies beneath, starting here.



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