Pam’s Poem

One of the volunteers at work wrote this poem about her experiences – this is so awesome I had to share it. I’d love to pass on any comments to her, so please respond

Citizens Advice Cheshire East

One of our new volunteers has been reflecting on her experiences as a trainee and she has decided to record these in verse form.  

The Citizens Advice


My problems were just mounting.  I didn’t know what to do.

I telephoned my good friend, who lives right here in Crewe.

She told me of the Bureau, with drop-in times each week,

And said she’d been there once before, of “Gateway” she did speak.

I said I was quite worried, as “I can’t afford a fee.”

She said “That’s not a problem.  The help you get is free…

You’ll have a brief appointment, where problems are assessed.

They’ll give you information.”  Of this, I was impressed.

I said I was no good at forms and wished that I was wiser.

She said “Don’t worry. There’s more help, in the way of an Adviser.”

Of confidentiality, she spoke, and campaigns that…

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