oh bloggery!

I have been an occasional blogger for about a year – occasional because the desire to express myself in text and the space and time allowing me to do this rarely coincide.

Glancing back through my blog pages I see that I am only seldom in the moment, capturing what is happening to or has just happened around me. Some pages are reflections on what I have been reading recently, including responding to posts from people I follow on other social media sites. All of them reflect my interests be it poetry, historical analysis (especially the period of The Great War), music (classical mostly, but also jazz, folk and musical theatre),  my dogs, the English countryside – in particular the Lakes, myths – the stories we tell about ourselves, and literature in general.

The 101 challenge is going to be for me, a journey of self-discovery; firstly to see whether I have the discipline to maintain a daily blog or not, and secondly, to discover what writing to order will reveal, about my thoughts and ideas about a set topic, and about my abilities as a writer.



5 thoughts on “oh bloggery!

  1. At very first glance your layout was so aesthetically pleasing I couldn’t wait to hear what you had to say. I wasn’t surprised at all to find you as interesting as your site defines. Best wishes. I will be following you.


  2. Good luck and let’s get to this whole self discovery thing together, because I’m doing the exact same thing this year. I like English countryside =D


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