où sont les neiges d’antan?

Snow days

It has been an unseasonably mild winter, so any drop in temperature or change in wind direction is reported in our hysterical press as an inevitable mega storm that will bring the country to a standstill.

This week, as in the week before, there is a threat of heavy snow, disrupting travel and visiting chaos if not quite armageddon upon us; but unlike last week, after the snows never came, I will not be making alternative arrangements for when I am unable to get into work.

The promise of being “snowed-in” was greeted with a certain amount of anticipation invoking the memory of childhood winter when the snows came and the roads were not cleared and the school bus was not able to get through.  It quite probably only happened the once but with each winter came the same expectation; not just will it snow, but will it snow enough? Will we be presented with an extra day off, a day for doing nothing except keeping warm?

Last week those childhood emotions surged once more with the prospect of ‘ahem’ working from home, only to be dashed like so many foolish whims.  It was not to be and I have no expectations this morning as I ride to work.

Of course, the prospect of being snowed in while still at work are just too frightening to contemplate.



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