Into the Woods

2013 2329 (2) 2013 2416 (2) 2013 2080 (2) leaves wood over water CNV00039

“Forest light is worth observing.  There is the obvious photographer’s favourite of sunlight shafts illuminating the morning mist. But there are various subtleties. We might come across, in the dimness, a sudden torrent of light.  Here there is a suffused dewy dribbling of light; there a dance of light as the canopy moves in the wind; or again there may be flickering swarms of light.  Then there are the sudden revelations: when probing light kindles a spider web into iridescence; or gleams through translucent leaves, or sets a bank of foxgloves ablaze.  There is a sparkle and a shimmer on wet branch and frond; lambent light on pools. There is mystery to of the seemingly inner light in the dimmest places: the luminescence of lichens; the radiance of tree-stump moss. There is a feast of such simple pleasures for those with eyes to see and time to relax and enjoy.”

The Bliss of Solitude
John Wyatt


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