Hoppalong Hideaway – the continuing saga of a three-legged Sheltie

The quadruped years

It is a Sunday morning towards the end of October and the sun is shining.  Heidi is an eager bouncy pup only 18 months old; Rosie, aged 8, is a tireless adventurer, she hates to be still and yearns to be off and away, exploring.  She has yet to gain the nickname of “Scout” but she certainly is in training for it.  It is a morning of firsts, first day of the holiday, first time in Keswick, and our first big walk together.  With nothing planned other than let’s see what is out there, we set off across the fields.



Alison, our host at the B&B, had suggested that if we were just going to mooch about to get to know the area then we could try a path from the farm, across three fields to a small beck which would then give us three choices –  we could go straight on up to Walla Crag or turn right and follow the stream into town or veer left through Great Wood and down to the Lake.  I think I had decided to go through Great Wood even before I got my first glimpse of the lake, but that glimpse was the clincher and I knew I had made the right choice.


It was a lazy Sunday, the week stretched way in front of us; we had plenty of time so why rush, just stretch out, and see where paths would take us.  This was not a day for summit bagging, though the weather would have been ideal for it. So turning our back on Skiddaw we plodded through the wide path down to the lakes and through the woods. 


Oh My.


So in glorious autumn sunshine I sat and did absolutely nothing until I could do it no longer.

Following the path around the lake we headed into Keswick, Heidi trotting by my side, Rosie running up to as many people as possible to check out the contents of their bags, pockets, hands in search of treats.  Having declared her unbelievable cuteness to people, Rosie leapt off Friars Crag just to show to the world that she could, disappeared for a few minutes then emerged from an unlooked for direction – I suspect a secret panel in the back of the Ruskin plinth.





Heidi – clearly unimpressed with Rosie’s antics





An exploration of the shops and hostelries of Keswick followed before returning by a rather more direct route, having settled on the next Big Adventure – Latrigg and Brundholme Wood.





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