A View From The Terraces


One thing is certain, company is always assured on Loughrigg Fell; it has become almost a ritual to include a visit on any journey to and from the Lakes. Overlooking Rydal and Grasmere, with easy walking from Ambleside and being centrally placed alongside the busy main road linking Windermere with Keswick it is difficult to avoid.  Furthermore, this is the heart of Wordsworth country. So even on the wettest winter day you can be guaranteed company somewhere along the path.


I wonder how many people are introduced to fell walking by a trip to Loughrigg Fell? There are, according to AW, more paths per square mile than any other fell. 


Most popular of paths is the Terrace above Grasmere.  


No danger of getting lost here – just follow the path from the shores of Grasmere towards the eastern end of Rydal Water.  The first time I came here was my last day of a weeks stay in Keswick.  The forecast was not promising so an easy walk in the rain along the terraces looked the best I could hope for. I parked at White Moss Common and headed for the river and a walk up to the terraced walk beneath the Fell.  It seems everyone else had seen the forecast and decided that a stroll along the terraces was the best to hope for – including an 80-yr old lady who told me she was planning on celebrating her 2nd hip replacement by meeting with a friend later on and climbing Helvellyn.


The rain got the better of me that day, so the dogs and I returned to Low Nest to dry off. 


Across Rydal Water lay Nab Scar; our next trip to Loughrigg took us along the terrace to Rydal Image

and back along the corpse route at the base of Nab Scar. Image

This is a popular circular stroll that takes you past St Mary’s at Rydal and former Wordsworth home – Rydal Mount.



AW recommends spending time on Loughrigg exploring all that this tiny fell has to offer, but not in the mist, when the myriad paths conspire to confuse, and not at the weekends


Heidi had no difficulty locating the summit, even though AW said it could be confusing.


Rosie poses for the camera.




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