Another Waterloo Sunday


I was feeling as caged as Max literally is today, and felt a need to get out and enjoy this freakishly warm weather.  Waterloo beach is an unbelievable 20 minute drive away and deservedly popular, which is why I normally avoid it at this time of year, preferring to walk the promenade towards Hightown as the sunsets during the winter months.  I parked at the car park by the Waterloo Marina – a wide expanse of grass extends between the houses and the promenade all the way up to the Crosby Lifeboat station.  The picture above is of the beach at Waterloo looking out towards Hightown.



Waterloo Promenade.

Crosby Beach is now famously the home of Antony Gormley’s “Another Place”. Cast-iron life size statues – nearly one hundred of them – rising from the beach, all looking out to sea. 


The Iron Men of Crosby were cast in the image of their creator. Each one has a numbered tag on one of their wrists.  Some are quite submerged in the sand, as they almost all are at high tide.  One was wearing a football strip, as faded and weathered as the men themselves have become.  Having you photo taken while you pose with an Iron Man was very popular.  Max, however was less impressed and more interested in digging at the sand, barking at gulls and making friends.


The Iron Men are here to stay, in spite of some initial controversy.  They were at first, a temporary installation, and in 2006 they were nearly shipped to New York – they had already been on display in Germany, Norway and Belgium before finding their home on the banks of the Mersey only a few miles north of Liverpool city centre.



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